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Training the mind is key

Sunday, August 12, 2018

Training the mind is one of the hardest things to do. The question one might ask him or herself is how does one train the mind? The first step in embarking on this process is having honesty. The hardest thing to do is to be honest with oneself. More than anything, honesty is paramount in self assessment. In fact, knowing the areas of one's personal struggles, helps in identifying aspects for self improvement. The second step is acknowledging forgetfulness. Reminding yourself about the thing(s) you need to improve on, while actively doing it is very important. For example, cleaning your room. In the past, you may have had trouble keeping your room tidy. However, psychologically you decided to constantly remind yourself to do the maintenance. The third step is taking action. Yes, that means doing something about the problem. Although taking action is a good thing, the key is staying consistent. Initially, this will be the toughest area of growth, however, here is where the rewiring of the brain takes place. Nevertheless, change occurs with repetition within the first 3 months. This nullifies or reduces bad habits. Finally, make a declaration to yourself to nullify or to minimize the problem(s) as much as possible. Again, a declaration is an announcement to oneself and the world that no matter the circumstance, I will rectify this issue(s). Making a declaration to yourself is like taking an oath to protect someone you love.